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The patio of Urban Grill restaurant at Pinnacle Tower.

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Explore our online breakfast ordering service to effortlessly browse through a diverse menu. Choose your favorite items and place your order with ease.

Picture of Chef Lydia Gonzalez


Chef Lydia is passionate about exploring the native ingredients of Latin American and discovering the secrets to creating delicious food. She specializes in creating dishes with fresh, quality ingredients in order to share new inspirations with you. So whether you’re looking for someone to help you plan an event or simply refresh your menu, reach out today. 

Over 300 Clients

Over 1,000 Events

350,000 People Served & Counting


Catering Service


Ever dreamed of hosting the perfect party without worrying about shopping, cooking and cleaning up?


Chef Lydia Gonzalez offers a selection of personal services catered to your specific culinary needs.

Casual Dining

Founded in 2015, Chef Lydia Gonzalez's Restaurant menu highlights seasonal ingredients in simple, handcrafted dishes served straight from our kitchen.


Check out our flavorful menu and get in touch with us! 

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